Maria Trimmel


General Information: 

Born 1986 in Lower Austria

Therapy Languages: German/English 




- Psychotherapist in Training under Supervision (Individual Psychology)


- Master Studies for Psychotherapy Sciences in the English Language Department of Sigmund Freud Private University (Mag.ª pth.)

- Bachelor Study for Psychotherapy Sciences at English Language Program of Sigmund Freud Private University (BA pth.)


Practical Work:

- September 2018 - July 2019: Therapeutical Guidance of a school class at "Neue Mittelschule Anton-Sattler-Gasse"

- Since September 2016:  Psychotherapist (Student under Supervision "S.u.S."). at P.A.S.S. - Help with Addiction

- Since August 2016: Psychotherapist (S.u.S.)  in private praxis in Vienna

- March 2015 - August 2016: Psychotherapist (S.u.S.) at SFU Outpatient Clinic (Salztorgasse)

- May - September 2014: Fachspezifisches Praktikum at SMZ-Süd (Kaiser Franz-Josef Spital), Acute Psychiatry



Working as Psychotherapist "in Ausbildung unter Supervision":


In the last phase of the psychotherapeutic training we are starting our practical work with the addition of in Ausbildung unter Supervision" which enables us to work autonomously and independently in our own psychotherapeutic practice.

While working as a therapist in training under supervision, we are working closely with our supervisors, that oversee the process and gives us professional advice. This professional is usually a senior therapist with extensive additional training and experience that also ensures that the treatment follows a high qualitative standard. 


Since therapy with a Psychotherapist in Training under Supervision can not be refunded by the insurance system, I offer reduced prices.