About me

General Information

  • Born 1986 in Lower Austria
  • Therapy Languages: German/English 



  • Licensed Psychotherapist of Individual Psychology
  • Completed Master Studies for Psychotherapy Sciences in the English Language Department of Sigmund Freud Private University (Mag.ª pth.)
  • Completed Bachelor Study for Psychotherapy Sciences at English Language Program of Sigmund Freud Private University (BA pth.)

Practical Work:

  • Since September 2016:  Psychotherapist at P.A.S.S. Institution - Helping with Addiction
  • Since August 2016: Psychotherapist in private praxis in Vienna and St. Pölten
  • March 2015 - August 2016: Psychotherapist (S.u.S.) at SFU Outpatient Clinic (Salztorgasse)


  • September 2018 - July 2019: Therapeutical Guidance of a school class at "Neue Mittelschule Anton-Sattler-Gasse"
  • May - September 2014: Fachspezifisches Praktikum at SMZ-Süd (Kaiser Franz-Josef Spital), Acute Psychiatry